Taking a line for a train ride

DSCN0761 Drawing 1: quick sketch. Surrounded by heads nodding into collective stupor, jolted intermittently back to reality, windows become night mirrors, keeping in the dreams and the dozing. Metal cocoon layered upon landscape slideshow through the window in the thick dark.



As a child I loved treasure hunts. Sometimes Maura and I would meticulously orchestrate hunts for family members, clues and all. But even without the clues and careful planning, in our house there were always several treasure chests to be hunted, dug up and dived into. There’s nothing quite like that magic of discovery and rediscovery; like trying on Nana Lillian’s old clothes and clip-on earrings from the dressing up box we kept under the bed in my parents’ room as kids. Like rooting through the box on top of mum’s wardrobe out of reach of curious hands, full of dusty, strangely beautiful dolls of all shapes and colours, newspaper clippings and exotic clothes that Grandad Gus had brought back from his travels to far-off lands during his time working in film at Pinewood Studios, or like delving into mum’s make up drawer that smelt of lipstick and being a grown-up. On a recent trip back in time to my old bedroom I was happily surprised to come face to face with that old magic of rediscovery…¬† in a trove of old sketchbooks…

I found hands full of stories…

20140821_195433 20140821_195421 (2)










20140821_195554 20140821_195536 20140821_195511




souvenirs of life-drawing sessions…

20140821_192913 20140821_193015 20140821_192354 20140821_192314

Jude Law?


and probably my favourite, landscape studies

20140821_194612 20140821_194428 20140821_195051 20140821_193801 20140821_193729 20140821_193129